Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Time Passes

I know, I know. For anyone who reads this it has been way too long since I updated my blog. It's just after 3:30 am in the morning now and here I sit about to do a little entry. I am going to try and post more often. I wish I had posted more in the past few years with everything going on, but I can't dwell on that. I'll just try to do better.

It's been another eventful year here with more health issues. But hopefully now I'm back on track. In the past year I've had several surgeries and procedures. The last one was to repair a large incisional hernia that resulted from the major surgery last year. One good thing I have to report is that my last CT scan in May was clear and I don't have to have another one until January! So that is very good news.

As usual for this time of year I am really looking forward to fall here. We've had a 'fall preview' as far as weather for the past few days and it looks like the next 3 days will be more of the same. I'm very thankful as it's been a long, hot summer here. I have started to get my fall decorations out and hope to have most of the house decorated by this weekend as I'm having some company in on Sunday.

I have several photos to post but I have to refresh myself on how to do it. So maybe on the next post I'll have some to share. I'll stop for now but I look forward to writing more and visiting everyone's blogs and catching up. Hope you all have a blessed day! Thanks for reading!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Time for Reflection

I don't know why it is but this time of year usually causes me to slow down and think about my life. To think how I might have done things differently or how I could improve different areas in my life. Also it's a time for gratitude, to acknowledge the many blessings I have. And not to forget it's a time for remembrance of ones who have left this life in the past year. So much has happened this past year and if it weren't for the loved ones left in my life I might not have taken things as well as I have. For those loved ones, well, they mean the world to me. Although I might not always put it in words.

I am very grateful for my husband who always seems to have my best interests in his heart. He's been a trooper this year, taking care of me through my illness and through the illness and death of my mom. He's one in a million and I am so blessed that he's in my life. He's a very patient and caring man. Like my grandmother told me when I married him "You could have looked for a lifetime and never found a better man than him". My grandmother was very wise.

Fall is my favorite time of year and most people know this that know me. I look forward to autumn all year long for the beautiful foliage, fun festivals and holidays, and just times with family. It might be because I'm so content during this time that it makes me reflect on what's been going on or that the end of the year is coming soon. Whatever the reason I just know that it happens this time almost every year.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Catching Up

I've let so much time pass by without a post and I feel bad about it. So many things have happened I don't know quite where to start. Well, yes I do. On March 10th this year I lost my dear, sweet Mama. I've been totally lost without her as you can imagine. There are so many things I miss about her everyday. Like I was telling a friend a bit ago there are things that I only talked to my mom about and now I don't have anyone that I feel I can talk those things over with. My mom was one in a million and I was so blessed to have her in my life. I cherish the memories I have of her. Even though she's gone from this life I still feel her presence always comforting and encouraging me to do my best.

In May I had a surgery where they removed my esophagus and 1/3 of my stomach. It was a major surgery and I was in the hospital for 17 days. I had a rough time in the beginning of my recovery and there are still some days that I have problems. I've had to have two dilations of my 'stomaphagus' since that surgery to enlarge the connections at my throat and where the intestine meets the stomach. This has made it easier for me to eat. For the first six weeks I had a feeding tube and it came out twice and had to be replaced.

The good news is that there was no cancer present in the nodes and I don't have to have chemotherapy or radiation so far. I have a scan coming in December to check if the cancer has spread to any other organ, but so far I'm okay as far as that is concerned.

I'm getting better and feeling stronger every day although some days I get really tired. I went back to work full time 6 weeks after surgery and a few weeks ago I started back at my part time job as well. Another benefit I received as a result of the surgery is that I've lost quite a bit of weight. As of today I've lost 64 lbs and hope to lose more. It's not the best way to lose weight but I think I'm getting around better as a result of it.

I'll post more soon, but this was just to catch you all up with what's been going on the past few months. I hope whoever is reading has a blessed day and thanks for taking the time to read this.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just a short post

Just wanted to put in a short post for now. As some of you know a lot has been going on in the past few months and I'm going to write soon about these things. It's hard just now putting it all into words. But I will very soon.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Some News

I've been dreading this post and almost talked myself out of making it. But it's part of my life and what's happening now so here goes....

Today my father called and told me that I shouldn't come see Mom today. After some progress with her therapy she's now has C diff. She got it in the nursing home she's in right now. Several of the residents have come down with it. With her weakened immune system from the chemo I don't know what this will do to her. My grandmother died from complications of it. The reason he didn't want me to come is because of some upcoming procedures and possible surgery I might have to have.

Here is what has been going on with me...

My doctor has been asking me for the past year or so if I ever had heartburn or acid reflux. I told him very rarely and not in a long time. I thought it odd that he asked me everytime during several visits. I did tell him that I had trouble swallowing sometimes and a pain in my chest from time to time but it passed quickly and I figured I might have a 'hernia or something'. Finally during a visit last fall I told him about the pains again and some bleeding I was having. He convinced me to have an endoscopy and colonoscopy. I thought something might show up on the colonoscopy but was very surprised at what was found during the endoscopy. The GI doctor comfirmed that I did have a hiatus hernia as well as GERD, gastritis, and corrosive esophagus. He took several biopsies and told me that they would let me know about the results in about a week. He also gave me a prescription of Prilosec.

Surely enough a letter came from his office listing everything he had told me about plus something called Barrett's Esophagus. Of course I looked it up on the net because I've never heard of it. What I found was not good at all and I had a funny feeling about it. My husband told me to stop reading so much about it and it would probably turn out ok. A few days later a lady from the GI doctor's office called and asked me if I received my results and did I understand everything. She also went further and told me that they also found high grade dysplasia. Now I had read that was a pre-cursor to cancer so I was a bit worried. She told me they had scheduled a repeat endoscopy for February. They also had given me some literature about how I should take care of myself, what foods to avoid, and that I should have my upper torso elevated when I slept. There was also a list of lifestyle modifications to do, many of which I had already done.

I went into my endoscopy cautiously optimistic but a bit nervous. After it was over the doctor said some things looked better and some things looked worse. He told me I would get my results in a week or so and made an appointment for me in March to go over everything. He prescribed new meds and my insurance would not cover it without a pre-authorization. When I called their office to get that straightened out they lady said they would take care of it and I could talk to him the next day at my appointment. I told her I didn't have an appointment for a few weeks yet, but she told me my results were in and he had to talk to me then. I knew that couldn't be good. And of course I was right. I took my father with me and my husband met us there. When the doctor came in he looked uncomfortable. He opened the file and said the words I didn't want to hear. The results were back and I now have esophageal cancer. I looked him in the eye and told him I knew it. He asked how and I told him I just did. I think I knew back in November. Anyway he told me he was making an appointment for an ultrasound endoscopy for the next Tuesday. I knew that was to stage the cancer. After we know that we can make a plan of action.

That afternoon I called the people that wanted to know... family members, friends, and then went and told my mother. That was the part I had been dreading. I then went back to work and told my co workers. I went to my part time job and told the owner there. Everyone was surprised at my unemotional, matter-of-fact way of telling them. Little did they know when I was telling them it felt like I was talking about someone else. I don't know any way to explain it better than that. Sometimes it still feels like that, I know it's silly but it does. Maybe detachment is my form of coping. There are times when I think about it and the tears come. There's the uncertainty of what's ahead. I think I've wrote before of how change bothers me. Well, my life will change from this point on. It already has.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Anniversary, Recent Pics, and Card Shower

Today is my parent's 45th wedding anniversary. Below is a recent pic I took of them together.

I've put up the cards Mom's received so far from the card shower that they are doing over at Mary Jane's Farmgirls forum. Her Valentine's cards from Dad and I are up there too.

My husband posed with my mom in this photo. She received the rose that she's holding from a man who came in and gave every lady in the nursing home one.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine Extravaganza

I received an invitation to a very special Valentine's party from a very special lady.... my mom! She had been talking about this since early this week and I knew we'd better get there in plenty of time.

By the time we got to the party area they were getting ready to announce the King and Queen. No, Mom didn't win but she was very glad to hear she was nominated! In the picture you can see the King and Queen and they were very happy about it, and well, who wouldn't be.

For the entertainment there were singers:

A magician:

And last, but not least, some very impressive jitterbugging performed by my aunt and mom. Yes, a great time was had by all.